NASA Approved top 10 indoor houseplants


The best 10 indoor houseplants which to improve our indoor air quality. This plants filter benzene and provide oxygen. The main benefits are pointing below:

Aloe Vera

  1. Heal-up the cuts & burns
  2. Free the air from benzene
  3. To purify Indoor Air

Peace Lily

  1. Improve 60% indoor air Quality
  2. Keep Bath room Tiles & curtains free from mildews.
  3. Absorb harmful vapor

Spider Plant

  1. Remove dust allergies
  2. Remove 90% toxin form indoor air
  3. Absorb harmful substance from mold.
  4. Absorb Carbon monoxide & formaldehyde

English Ivy

  1. Absorb Carbon monoxide & formaldehyde formthe elements used in cleaning furniture & carpeting.
  2. Stimulates working energy in office.
  3. Better for office desk.

Boston Fern

  1. Good for dry skin and cold weather problem.
  2. Restore moisture in the indoor Air

Heart Leaf Philodendron

  1. Remove formaldehyde found in particle board.
  2. Dangerous for children and pets.


  1. Lower the congestion and cold weather problem.
  2. Increase healthy fluids in the body’s air passages.

African Violets

  1. Increase oxygen flow into the brain.
  2. Relaxation for brain.
  3. Suitable for those who can’t go to sun light.

Chinese Evergreen

  1. Remove Toxin from house hold cleaning chemicals.
  2. Purify the indoor polluted Air


  1. Filter out Benzene found in house hold detergents, paints, plastics and glue products.


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